photo-24With increasing problem of drugs among young people in the society, a concerted effort is required to address the problem. It is recognized that drugs cause havoc in the community and if they go unchecked, a drug dependent generation may be raised in the society. It is on this backdrop that Dr Fialkoff, periodontist in Queens has taken an initiative to make a difference in the society. Dr. Bernard Fialkoff has endorsed a drug free world, through his program and events which he undertakes to teach the children with on the subject.

Educating children early in life for the challenges that they might encounter as they grow up has been found as one of the most effective ways through which a society can be shaped. Children are known to learn quickly, and stick to the early lessons that have been introduced into their lives.

Educating children on the dangers of drugs not only helps them  avoid the menace but also goes along in influencing their peers who may not have received this vital education. Dr. Bernard Fialkoff endorsement of a free drug world and the subsequent lessons to the children is an initiative that will go a long way in addressing a problem that is threatening to tear away the fabric of the family and the society at large.

With his foundation for a drug free world Dr. Bernard Fialkoff is not only raising the awareness but also making sure to make a difference in the society. Through targeting children and young people in general, his initiatives go along the way in achieving a great deal as far as elimination of drugs in the society is concerned. Efforts which are geared towards making a better society especially those in line with eliminating a menace which threatens the fabric of the society should be lauded.

Dr. Bernard Fialkoff has gone beyond his periodontist in Queens role and indulged in an activity which will not only see a better world but one which appreciates the problems which are associated with drugs. With the endorsement and his continued education and awareness one can only expect a reduced drug problem as well as all the criminal activities associated. Dr. Bernard Fialkoff also encourages children to make a life time pledge that they will live off the drugs. With such initiatives and follow up session and parents participation, these children can actually lead the kind of life that they aspire.


Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, DDS is a dental specialist who has been delivering Dental Implantology, Non-Surgical Laser Gum Treatments, Conventional Periodontics, Laser Therapy and Dental Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in a calm, ethical and patient friendly manner for over 32 years. Dr. Bernard Fialkoff also runs a Community Drug Education Program as a greater contribution to the community. Since the foundation of the program Dr. Bernard Fialkoff has carried out more than two hundred various events at schools, after school programs and community centers where drug education and awareness has been the main topic. The program has been running in New York City, Long Island, Yonkers and New Jersey.