UntitledChoosing a periodontist in Queens who can provide the exact type of periodontal care you need could be quite frustrating. If you have missing teeth, gum problems, periodontal diseases or you need dental implants, here are some tips to help you find the best periodontist in Queens.

Dental group or individual?

Find out whether the practice is individual or it belongs to a dental group. When periodontists who practice as part of a dental group may offer convenience, they may not necessarily provide you with specific procedures that have to be performed in your particular case.

Does the periodontist use the state–of–the-art technology?

Technology is crucial when it comes to your gums and teeth. State-of-art technological equipment enables better performance and pain-free experience. It makes possible for a dentist to do a great job of fixing your problem.

Variety and experience:

Exact procedures offered by a periodontist in Queens should meet your individual requirements. For instance, if you need dental implants, you should visit a doctor who is well-versed in different areas of dental care.


Consider the cost by the quality and pay attention to stress reducing factors such as friendliness and cleanliness – these are important!

About Dr. Fialkoff:

Dr. Bernard Fialkoff is a dental specialist who has been delivering Dental Implantology, Non-Surgical Laser Gum Treatments, Conventional Periodontics, Laser Therapy and Dental Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in a calm, ethical and patient friendly manner for over 32 years. Please, call 718-229-3838 to schedule your appointment today!